To maximize health in underserved communities across the nation and beyond by providing equal access to global advancements in care

DHIT Establishes Health Innovation District Across North Carolina

Attend an upcoming virtual info session to learn more about the program and contact Michael@dhitglobal.org or mmci@duke.edu to learn about the scholarship.

To achieve our mission we engage across global and local communities via our Smart Community Health model

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Duke Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine

“It is critical that we support initiatives that bring advanced technologies to all communities, not only those who can afford them, but to the under-resourced communities as well. I have seen first-hand the transformative collaboration and partnerships that DHIT utilizes to drive innovation in digital health. DHIT delivers tangible value to the ecosystem with its market insights, innovative curriculum, real-world clinical access, and research partnerships. It would be a shame for this potential to be lost. It would be a shame for this model to go unfunded, as I believe it will create a mechanism to achieve true transformation in healthcare services, application of the healthcare workforce, and digital health research”

Geoffrey S. Ginsburg MD PhD
Director, Duke Center for Applied Genomics & Precision Medicine
Director, MEDx

UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

“I unreservedly support the goals and directions of the DHIT Community HUG initiative because of the commonalities of thought and progression for improving healthcare with our own work. I look forward to collaborating with and supporting this healthcare reform, which provides a new inclusive perspective on healthcare. This has to be the future direction of healthcare in this country.”

Tim Wiltshire, PhD
Associate Professor, Division of Pharmacotherapy and Individualized Therapeutics
Director, Program in Pharmacogenetics
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Charlotte Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

“I fully support the Community HUG initiative and feel that it is an absolutely necessary component of healthcare reform. It promises to drive down health costs, improve the experience of individuals with health-related services, improve health outcomes and drive innovation that will have national, if not international impact. It is a must-have element of our future approach to health. Without it, our state and nation will continue to expend untold billions of governmental, third-party and personal dollars on healthcare that is inefficient, wasteful and of insufficient quality.”

Michael Ruhlen, MD, MHCM, FAAP, FACHE
Charlotte AHEC

Alamance Community College

“We support DHIT’s intent to seek funding for this initiative, as I believe it will create a mechanism to achieve transformation in healthcare services, education of the workforce, and biotechnology research. North Carolina, especially its impoverished and under-resourced communities, needs this initiative for education, economic development, and to move into the 21st century as a true leader in health.”

Yonnie Butler, MBA
Alamance Community College
Biotechnology Center of Excellence

UNC Pembroke College of Health Sciences

“I believe that the Community HUG initiative is a feasible first step in the necessary reformation and transformation of the healthcare system and the economic drivers of healthcare necessary to improve health outcomes. Without this effort, North Carolina and the nation will continue to place billions of resources into a system that continues to be inefficient and ineffective in altering health outcomes.”

Todd A. Telemeco, PT, DPT, PhD
Dean, College of Health Sciences
University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Ian Z. Chuang

“I look forward to the opportunity to engage and contribute to the efforts of DHIT and all strategic visionary partners. There will be much to do, and from the doing, much to learn and iterate. However, these activities cannot begin without the necessary start-up funding. The Community HUG has the potential to build a sustainable model of value and economic development for years to come, as there is immense potential to transform healthcare around the world. I cannot guarantee success; I can guarantee that with the right people, process and tools, we can find a way to succeed.”

Ian Z. Chuang, MD, MS, CCFP

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