Partnership to leverage DHIT’s programming and operating model to establish Costavida Digital Health Innovation Hub to accelerate digital health adoption and utilization, and share best practices for digital transformation.

March 23, 2023; Chapel Hill, NC – The Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT), a non-profit education and research institute supporting communities through the process of digital health transformation, is honored to announce a partnership with the Ministry of Health, Costa Rica, to help drive the nation’s digital health innovation strategy for the next three years.

The objective of this groundbreaking partnership is to deploy a collaboration framework for the accelerated creation of a Digital Health Innovation Hub for Latin America, which seeks to develop the capacity for innovation in digital health, and catalyze the adoption and proliferation of digital health tools and solutions in order to drive healthier, wealthier communities across the country and beyond.

Costa Rican Minister of Health, Alexei Carrillo Villegas:

“The time is now for our country to take bold steps to define its future in the digital world. DHIT represents an accelerated path to that future and our missions are aligned to bring a data-driven, consumer-centric, personalized approach to community health and care. On behalf of the digital health ecosystem here in Costa Rica, we are excited to embark on our roadmap towards the digital transformation of our communities.”

Costa Rica is home to a thriving Biotech and Life Sciences ecosystem, with over 400 high-tech companies establishing their Latin American base of operations in the country. Medical devices are the number one export and Costa Rica is home to 13 of the top 30 global MedTech companies.

Home to one of the world’s five Blue Zones, and widely considered one of the healthiest, happiest countries in the world, Costa Rica already has one of the most envied primary and social care systems as well as a thriving medical tourism industry, and is uniquely positioned to be a leader in the region for digital health innovation.

“The Costa Rican government has an ambitious agenda to propel the country to the forefront of the digital health revolution and we are proud and honored to be embarking on this transformational journey with them. ” said Michael Levy, DHIT CEO. “We look forward to working across Costa Rica and Latin America to establish an operational and functional digital health ecosystem to drive the country and region towards economic development and the improvement of health promotion and disease prevention.”

As a first step, DHIT, the Ministry of Health, and other key stakeholders across the Costa Rican health and life science ecosystem embark on a community-wide needs assessment and launching a series of programs to convene, connect and catalyze the digital health ecosystem starting in the nation’s capital, San Jose.



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The Ministry of Health of Costa Rica directs and leads the strategy that protects and improves the physical, mental and social health status of the people, through the National Health System, with a focus on promoting health and disease prevention, and promoting a healthy and balanced human environment, under the principles of equity, ethics, efficiency, quality, transparency and respect for diversity.

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