DHIT provides the infrastructure for a shared journey to drive digital health transformation and improve public health. As a community, we do this by:

“HUGs solve one of the most critical problems facing equitable healthcare today – a transparent, unbiased, individually-owned and protected health data infrastructure capable of being the next major public utility, no different than gas, water, or electricity. One of the most costly issues facing society today is the lack of access to real-time, real-world data pertaining to drivers of health, and the lack of shared insights from that data between healthcare providers and community services. Our vision is to give every community around the world a HUG.”

Michael Levy  |  Chief Executive Officer, DHIT Global

DHIT’s Community HUG platform engages stakeholders across the ecosystem, including patients, students, researchers, healthcare providers, local employers, and local government, by uniting them to a common purpose (making their community the healthiest place to live, work and raise a family) whilst realigning incentives and motivations to create win-win collaborations.

Give your community a HUG!

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Utility Grid

A Health Utility Grid (HUG) is a scalable community cloud-based data infrastructure that is HIPAA compliant, interoperable, and sits on a blockchain-enabled framework to facilitate the collection, storage, and secure sharing of data with advanced analytics for education, research and health improvement purposes.


Health Architects are specially trained clinicians and healthcare administrators who engage in face-to-face conversations grounded in empathy mapping and human sciences to collect social, environmental and behavioral determinants of health data, design digitally-enabled models of care, and navigate individuals to an ecosystem of resources that best meet their needs.


Our Digital Health Innovation Sprints bring together a myriad of community stakeholders from across the digital health ecosystem (including patients, clinicians, researchers, administrators, businesses, technologists, investors, and entrepreneurs) to drive Open Innovation around high impact problems in healthcare through a series of design thinking workshops.

Digital Health Experiences :: Create + Collaborate


How we are funded

DHIT is funded through institutional grants, corporate sponsorship and by our Industry Council members who invest resources and expertise in return for market access, market insights and market talent. Use of funds is determined by our Advisory Board, comprising national and international thought leaders from the clinical research and medical education fields.

About DHIT

The Digital Health Institute for Transformation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit education and research institute supporting communities through the process of digital health transformation. We collaborate with leading academic institutions, associations, and industry to cultivate talent and ecosystems with our immersive learning platform, harnessing real-world experiences that drive the adoption of next-generation skills, technologies and mindsets needed to foster the digital health leaders and innovators of the future, today. For further information, visit: dhitglobal.org.