A Health Architect designs the blueprint to build better lives.

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Program Overview

Health Architect 101 is a foundational 8-week online program where you will learn how to apply proven transformational principles and best practices in order to optimize your life and career. Through interactive sessions in a small group you will learn how to navigate an uncertain future, operate with greater clarity and even have less stress in our rapidly changing digital world. Participants will complete a personal rapid improvement project, which will immediately benefit you, your family, community and/or organization. We’ve been building and validating this process for 10+ years and now YOU can benefit!

  • Explore what digital transformation means
  • Understand the critical drivers of health
  • Learn the tools and skills to help you navigate the digital revolution
  • Put learning into practice with rapid improvement projects
  • Become a champion for digital transformationin your organization and community!

“This class helps individuals focus on their value and purpose; it pushes them to truly discover… and aids in planning/designing how they will navigate in a digital and rapidly changing world.”

Carrie B.

“I think the core value of the course is: how do I prepare for a future that’s so uncertain.”

Rakutta S.

“I wish this course were longer!”

Tequilla C.

Why You Should Become a Health Architect 

What Will I Be Learning?

  • How digital technologies are impacting my life right now
  • How to apply new tools and techniques to navigate my life, health and career more effectively
  • How to conduct a needs assessment on what’s achievable and important right now
  • How to optimize myself in the context of these changes and opportunities
  • How to develop a personal WHY statement in order to better align my life, health and career
  • How to execute a rapid improvement project that positively impacts my life

How Will It Impact Me?

  • I’ll be more confident in leveraging these technologies vs. being ruled by them
  • I’ll have more control on improving my life in the midst of uncertainty and change
  • I’ll gain the ability to isolate low hanging fruit to drive the biggest impact at the lowest effort
  • I’ll feel less stressed and overwhelmed by trusting a process that leads to consistent improvements
  • I’ll be able to make decisions that align with my personal values and priorities
  • I’ll know that upgrading my life is putting this process into practice over time

Why is DHIT doing this?

We’ve recognized that the answer to healthy living is not only driven by access to affordable medical care.  

DHIT believes that health is life and your life is in your control. We think that a healthy life is having: 

  • Self agency and not simply doing what the system tells you
  • Conviction to build toward your better life
  • Resources and tools that enable continuous improvement
  • Knowledge that tiny steps every day lead to success

And that’s why DHIT has been building and refining the Health Architect curriculum over the last 15 years. 

Upcoming Courses

May–June 2022

Health Architect Principles :: HA101

May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
June 7, 14, 21  

September–November 2022

Health Architect Principles :: HA101

Sept 20, 27
Oct 4, 11, 18, 25
Nov 1, 8

January–March 2023

Health Architect Principles :: HA101

Jan 17, 24, 31
Feb 7, 14, 21, 28
March 7

Course structure


Online, live (synchronous) weekly meetings with some asynchronous reading / reflection / discussion work in between weeks 


8 weekly sessions

Live Class Length

90 minutes 


20 students maximum 


11:30 am–
1:00 pm EST


$1,199 per individual;
group pricing available

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