March 18–19, 2025 | Northeastern University, Charlotte, NC

Building Health Innovation Districts and Communities of Practice:
A New Model for Patient Engagement and Real-World Evidence

Join us for the second annual NCHID Digital Health Summit, where we bring together an international audience of thought leaders and entrepreneurs across the healthcare and life sciences sectors. This event explores how Health Innovation Districts and Communities of Practice can achieve the vital goals of patient engagement and Real-World Evidence.

Our summit is dedicated to equipping innovators and program directors with the resources, networks, and opportunities necessary to revolutionize healthcare design, delivery, and experience. By fostering new models of engagement, we aim to translate visionary concepts into real-world settings, creating impactful and sustainable change for the future of health.

Keynote: The Future Customer – Health in the 21st Century

Explore how emerging technologies and changing consumer expectations are reshaping the healthcare and life sciences landscape. This keynote will delve into the evolving role of patients/consumers as proactive participants in their health journey, driven by access to data, personalized care, and an ecosystem of digital tools.

Introducing the World Health Innovation Network (WHIN) – A Scalable Model for Global Collaboration

Discover the WHIN – a pioneering initiative designed to foster international collaboration in digital health innovation. This session will highlight how the WHIN is facilitating the exchange of knowledge, technology, and best practices to address global health challenges.

The Value of Health Innovation Districts (HID) – Leveraging Resources Across a Defined Geography

Examine the concept of Health Innovation Districts, which bring together healthcare providers, researchers, innovation centers and businesses across a state, province or country. Learn how these districts optimize capacity, drive economic growth, and improve healthcare delivery through shared resources and coordinated efforts.

Redesigning Health and Care Through Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are transforming healthcare by promoting collaborative learning and problem-solving among key stakeholders. This session will showcase successful examples of CoPs and discuss how they are redesigning care delivery to be more effective, patient-centered, and innovative.

Laying the Foundations for Real-World Evidence (RWE) Through Community Activation and Engagement

Learn how community activation and engagement are foundational in collecting RWE, and how these efforts are contributing to more robust and relevant health data that inform policy and practice.

Keynote: From Healthcare to Healthspan

This keynote will address the shift from focusing solely on healthcare to emphasizing healthspan – leveraging emerging technologies and AI for preventive care and lifestyle interventions, to extend and enhance quality of health and life.