We are DHIT.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit education and research institute supporting communities through the process of digital health transformation. We collaborate with leading academic institutions, associations, and industry to cultivate talent and ecosystems with our immersive learning platform, harnessing real-world experiences that drive the adoption of next generation skills, capabilities and mindsets needed to foster the digital health leaders and innovators of the future, today.


  • Michael Levy
    Michael Levy
    Chief Executive Officer, DHIT Global
  • Cindy Hallberlin
    Cindy Hallberlin
    Head of Partnerships
  • Tommy Bohrmann
    Tommy Bohrmann
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • James Butler
    James Butler
    Chief Experience Officer
  • Rick Melnyck
    Rick Melnyck
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Tony Solari
    Tony Solari
    VP, Government Relations
  • Jennifer Levy
    Jennifer Levy
    Director of Education and Training
  • Anton Z. Ilarionov
    Anton Z. Ilarionov
    Network Development
  • Matthew Floyd
    Matthew Floyd
    Charlotte Chapter Director
  • Mari Smith
    Mari Smith
  • Rosie Fitzgerrel
    Rosie Fitzgerrel
  • Josh Malaguti
    Josh Malaguti
    Program Coordinator


  • Spencer Dorn, MD
    Spencer Dorn, MD
    Vice Chair & Professor of Medicine, UNC
  • Dr. Eric Eskioglu
    Dr. Eric Eskioglu
    Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Novant Health
  • Rob LaHayne
    Rob LaHayne
    CEO, TouchCare
  • Michael Levy
    Michael Levy
    Chief Executive Officer, DHIT Global
  • Kathy Malas
    Kathy Malas
    Associate CEO of Innovation & AI Hospital, Center of University of Montreal
  • Lee Phillips
    Lee Phillips
    CEO, Bluedoor.us