June 21, 2023

June 9, 2023 – Chapel Hill, NC: The Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT) is proud to announce a strategic partnership with HealthEnabled, an international digital health organization, to advance the adoption of the Global Digital Health Monitor (GDHM) as the industry standard. The collaboration aims to promote the utility of the GDHM and support countries in their digital health transformation journey.

The GDHM is an innovative digital resource that enables countries to prioritize and monitor their digital health interventions and enablers. It uses the World Health Organization/International Telecommunication Union (WHO/ITU) eHealth Strategy Toolkit as its foundational framework. The tool comprises 23 indicators in areas such as leadership and governance, strategy and investment, legislation, policy and compliance, workforce, standards and interoperability, infrastructure, services and applications, and cross-cutting issues like emerging technology and equity.

“The GDHM provides a standardized model to build capacity across a country and take the necessary steps in architecting a health system that leverages digital health technologies and the cultural models required to leverage them over time,” says Michael Levy, CEO of DHIT Global. “DHIT is honored to support HealthEnabled in ensuring we onboard as many countries as we can, but also helping these countries advance and mature on the index itself.”

HealthEnabled Co-Founder and Policy Lead Patricia Mechael echoed the sentiment, stating, “Since its inception, we have had the vision that the GDHM would provide a tool to support countries to benchmark and monitor their digital health maturity over time, providing a clear roadmap to guide work planning and prioritize investments. Today, that vision is becoming a reality as the GDHM is becoming increasingly used by countries and funders. We are thrilled to partner with DHIT to further expand the impact of this tool.”

DHIT recently announced a partnership with the Costa Rica Ministry of Health to support the development of their Digital Health strategic roadmap. And DHIT will be promoting the GDHM at the upcoming “Telehealth: Caribbean Connected” conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica on August 18-20, 2023.

By jointly promoting the GDHM, DHIT and HealthEnabled aim to streamline the adoption of digital health technologies worldwide, ultimately improving population health outcomes and reducing health disparities.

For more information about the partnership or the GDHM, please contact DHIT’s Media Relations team at info@dhitglobal.org.

About DHIT

The Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT) is a non-profit education and research institute supporting communities through the process of digital health transformation. We collaborate with leading academic institutions, associations, and industry to cultivate talent and ecosystems with our immersive learning platform, harnessing real-world experiences that drive the adoption of next-generation skills, emerging technologies, and models of health. For further information visit: https://www.dhitglobal.org

About HealthEnabled

HealthEnabled is an international non-profit organization that bridges the gap between traditional healthcare delivery and digital health to improve health outcomes and equity. They work with governments, health workers, and communities to design and implement digital health interventions that respond to their needs. For further information visit: https://healthenabled.org

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