We are delighted to announce that our kick-off event in the ‘Big Apple’ was a resounding success! The Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT) team brought the energy for the first edition of our NY Happy Hour series to the heart of Manhattan at Radish Health headquarters on Broadway. We were joined by an enthusiastic audience of local digital health transformers to break bread, drink wine, and rally around the current and future state of health innovation. Our main event of the evening was a fireside chat between emcee Rob LaHayne, DHIT Board Member, and our featured speakers, Viral Patel, Founder & CEO, Radish Health, and Brett Davis, Chief Revenue Officer, Bennie. The conversation was centered on the employee healthcare labyrinth and how employers, brokers, and technology providers can come together to provide better solutions for employees.

Check out the highlights below!

Q: Brett, as a tech-savvy broker striving for enhanced efficiency, you possess an inherent inclination towards digital health solutions targeting employers. From a digital health solution perspective, what do you believe are the most impactful strategies to captivate employers and successfully penetrate the market?

Brett: “Your goal is to avoid relying on numerous redundant point solutions. For solutions trying to stand out and differentiate, it’s crucial to understand your competitors. When it comes to breaking into the market and achieving differentiation, ROI plays a vital role. You need to consider your investment and whether it’s based on per utilization or a flat PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) model. It’s important to assess what value you gain from the investment and determine the true engagement metrics.

To ensure the employer receives an excellent solution that won’t be shelved, collaboration with both the digital health solution provider and the point solution themselves is essential. Working closely with the point solution provider ensures that the solution actually works and delivers the desired outcomes. Ultimately, you aim to achieve the best return on investment (ROI) by finding the most effective strategies to captivate employers and penetrate the market successfully.”

Q: Viral, Radish has been successful in delivering a value proposition that combines happier employees, improved member experience, and cost savings. How have you been able to accomplish that?

Viral: “We have adopted a discrete approach that sets us apart from being a specialized point solution targeting specific health verticals such as diabetes or musculoskeletal conditions. Instead, we offer comprehensive care, positioning ourselves as the go-to primary healthcare provider for employees. This approach enables us to drive higher patient engagement. In fact, for our more established clients, nearly half of their employees are utilizing our services.

Our success in delivering a compelling value proposition stems from focusing on holistic care rather than solely concentrating on a small subset of individuals with costly diseases. By offering general primary care in combination with chronic disease management and an integrated approach to mental health, we ensure that employees actively use and derive value from our services, leading to increased return on investment (ROI). Our strategy eliminates the need for brokers to seek multiple point solutions for various health concerns, which can accumulate higher costs per member per month.”

Q: How do you drive meaningful engagement, awareness, and utilization with employee populations?

Brett: “We prioritize a strategic approach. Before implementing any solutions, we encourage employers to conduct surveys to gain insights into what employees are seeking. Additionally, analyzing claims and utilization data allows us to understand the specific needs of the population.

When it comes to rolling out a product, we start with the C-suite to ensure it is introduced with purpose and a clear mission. Mere communication through an email from HR is unlikely to generate traction. Instead, we emphasize the importance of a message from the CEO, explaining the significance of the solution or benefit to the company’s mission. Sharing personal experiences and stories can further transform how people perceive and embrace the solution.

Moreover, accessibility plays a crucial role. The solution must be easily accessible to employees, ensuring it is not confined to a one-time rollout. It should be visible and available beyond open enrollment periods. Regular reminders and ongoing processes help reinforce awareness and engagement, leading to sustained utilization of the solution throughout the year. By incorporating these strategies, we drive meaningful engagement, foster awareness, and promote active utilization among employee populations.”

Viral: “In our journey, we have gained valuable insights on improving engagement through the lessons learned from our mistakes. A key aspect when engaging with potential customers is ensuring their commitment to driving utilization across their organization. Without their buy-in and dedication, it becomes challenging to achieve engagement, and there is a higher risk of cancellations shortly after implementation.

As Brett highlighted, it is crucial to set a strong precedent for utilization at the senior level within the employer’s organization. We cannot assume that everyone will immediately embrace the platform upon launch. Therefore, our strategy involves getting people onboarded to the platform and maintaining top-of-mind awareness through various means such as emails, newsletters, and even occasional on-site visits. By consistently staying connected with employees, we can encourage and sustain their engagement.

It’s important to note that our product is designed to be relevant and valuable beyond the day of its implementation. We understand that immediate utilization may not be feasible or necessary if someone isn’t sick, but by maintaining ongoing communication with timely reminders and nudges, we keep the platform accessible and encourage employees to engage when the time is right.”

Amen to that!

Immense gratitude to Viral and Brett for the captivating discussion, Radish Health for their generous donation of the event space, and our passionate and dedicated colleagues in New York for being anchors in a shared vision of digital transformation locally and globally. We are so grateful.

Join us for our next Happy Hour event on July 27th in Pittsboro, NC at 79° West, the brand new innovation hub of Innovate Carolina at MOSAIC – Chatham Park.

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Talk soon!