DHIT to Offer Subsidized Digital Transformation Support to Eligible Healthcare Providers


Applications open April 20th, 2020


DHIT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit academic and research institute with a mission to reduce health inequities in communities across the nation by providing equal access to global advancements in care. The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced healthcare organizations around the world to accelerate their efforts towards digital transformation to reach consumers practicing social distancing or in-home quarantine. Healthcare organizations are having to embrace new models of care delivery to protect and support their patients during this crisis and beyond. However, as healthcare organizations experience a shortage of resources in the form of staff, supplies, and funding, it can be challenging for them to get the necessary support and guidance they need to help them navigate the complexities of digital transformation quickly and efficiently.

“Community providers, particularly those in rural and underserved areas, have become increasingly out-distanced in the digital space by larger organizations with easier access to technology. Yet these same clinicians are demonstrably capable of leveraging digital tools and methodologies to exceed their physical reach, to manage patients in home environments, to serve broader populations and to level access to care. The pandemic has driven an extraordinary, light speed conversion to digital health services. It is vital that our rural communities have access to clinical services that not only keep up, but exceed the digital capabilities exhibited in urban environments. DHIT’s Digital Transformation Pathway is just the catalyst to drive this change.”

Michael Ruhlen, MD, MHCM, FAAP
Chair, DHIT Advisory Board
VP Medical Education, Atrium Health; Director, Charlotte AHEC

Opportunity & Application Information

To help in the crisis and prepare healthcare providers for the “new normal”, DHIT has developed a program to deliver digital transformation support to those organizations in need. Subsidies are now available that can decrease the cost of an Evaluation and Transformation Program to as low as $7,500 for eligible healthcare providers (a reduction of up to 90% of the total cost). The number of subsidies available will be contingent upon supply. To ensure that full or partial subsidies are allocated based on need, DHIT is requesting applications from all interested organizations. Applications will be reviewed and scored based on the following criteria:

  • Type of organization

  • Total annual revenue

  • Level of digital maturity

Beginning April 20th, 2020, organizations based in the United States are asked to submit an application through this survey link.

Apply Now

Organizations based outside of the US are asked to contact info@dhitglobal.org for more information.

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