NC Biotechnology Center, DHIT Press Release | October 31, 2018

RALEIGH – A new partnership between life science and information technology will help increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare for North Carolinians and people around the globe.

Mary Beth Thomas, Senior Vice President, Science and Business Development of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, and Michael Levy, Co-founder and President of DHIT Global, have announced a strategic partnership to drive a shared vision for North Carolina. NCBiotech and DHIT will work together to positively impact the environment for life science and digital health innovation to accelerate digital health solutions that enable precision health and other life sciences in North Carolina and beyond.

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center and DHIT will announce their intent to work together at the inaugural DHIT Summit – Digital Health 360 :: Accelerating the Future of Health, Nov. 14 in Durham. Partnership activities will including joint educational events and advisory support that advance digital health initiatives.

The collaboration is critical for increasing awareness of, and leadership in, digital health opportunities across life science and beyond in North Carolina. A key area of focus will be educating and preparing North Carolina for the digital disruption of healthcare that will empower consumers and providers and lead to improved health outcomes.

“As many of us have seen, the technology, healthcare, and life science sectors are rapidly converging to take advantage of emerging technologies and advanced data analytics. New marketplace demands in North Carolina will create opportunities to leverage our unique talent and assets which will ultimately drive value to our communities, our healthcare professionals, and our state,” said Dr. Thomas.

Mr. Levy also noted, “DHIT’s partnership with NCBiotech will allow for shared knowledge and resources to advance the digital health and precision health agendas here in the state. With a focus on driving innovation to impact, it will also educate the wider ecosystem on the potential for digital health solutions to create efficiencies – from tracking and monitoring participants in the clinical trials process to enhancing patient experiences to lowering healthcare costs. Our combined experience, expertise, and network provides a unique advantage to companies looking to engage in the digital health revolution here in North Carolina.”

DHIT will also be working closely with NCBiotech to evaluate other mechanisms to support digital health innovations that have the greatest potential for impact.


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