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Stanford Medicine’s Medicine X | CHANGE is a three-day event that covers both the practical and high-tech evolutions that are happening in the healthcare industry both today and in the future. Medicine X | CHANGE is an Everyone Included™ event, which means that it was one of the only of its kind that promotes collaboration between both healthcare professionals and patients.

Medicine X | CHANGE is the next evolution of Stanford Medicine X, our signature fall convening on the future of health care at the intersection of emerging technology and medicine. Medicine X | CHANGE evolves the platform and the community by promoting personal connections and sparking new collaborations with highly participatory engagement through the exchange of ideas and expertise with the diverse stakeholders that are the hallmark of our unique Stanford Medicine X community.

Who will come?

Medicine X | CHANGE will bring together patients, caregivers, researchers, designers, industry and health care professionals around topical co-production sessions to promote collaborative learning, focused interactions and interpersonal connections. We will provide unprecedented opportunities for our community to take deep dives into important contemporary issues around health care innovation, technology and digital health.

What will we do together?

Stanford Medicine X created the stage upon which the most important and difficult stories were told. Medicine X | CHANGE will create the space from which the most important and difficult problems in health care will be discussed and practical real-world solutions will be developed in co-production with everyone who lives and works in our health care system.

How is this event different from other health care innovation and technology events?

Medicine X | CHANGE will focus on solution building to create innovative health care system change through quality improvement, implementation science initiatives, and joint co-production together with the end-users of the health care system itself.  As an Everyone Included™ program, our event is the only one in the world that brings together patients and caregivers in co-production and partnership with clinicians, researchers and implementation scientists to solve problems that matter most in health care.