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The World’s Most Influential Healthcare Event

Theme: Solutions for Brain, Body and Business

We are on the brink of new breakthroughs in understanding the human body and brain, with exciting new drugs, medical devices and platforms created every year. Yet costs continue to rise, and the healthcare industry is under pressure to not only save lives, but to also keep people healthy and costs in check.

Exciting new milestones are being achieved in gene editing, cancer immunotherapy and AI. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is emerging. Today, deciphering your DNA is routine. And an integrated approach to treating the whole person has taken on new meaning.

The world’s top leaders in the $4 trillion healthcare space—CEOs, scientists, billionaires and scrappy startups, doctors and patients, tech titans and venture capitalists—will all gather on December 4 & 5 to share their insights on disruptive prescriptions for the brain, body and the business of healthcare. The aim is to drive better care and better value. The promise has never been greater; now is the time to deliver it.

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