The Shift


A Journey of Discovery, Transformation, and Newfound Opportunities in North Carolina by Keith Duprey My family made a very intentional move to North Carolina a few years ago to improve the quality of our lives – be outdoors more, be closer to family, and benefit from world-class institutions. It was also at this time that [...]

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The Community HUG :: A World Without Health Inequities


Health inequities are a problem for us all — the burden of disparities in health adversely affects our nation's children, business efficiency and competitiveness, economic strength, standing in the world, and our national character and commitment to justice and fairness of opportunity. The time is now to STOP doing the same thing over and over and expecting [...]

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DHIT Legislative Update – June 2019


DHIT Legislative Update | June 2019 Legislative Happy Hour Calls for More Disruption in Healthcare Wednesday, June 19th brought together digital health stakeholders and key members of the General Assembly for our second Legislative Happy Hour. Representatives Holly Grange, Gale Adcock and Graig Meyer each gave a response to the question,  [...]

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