By Andrea Park, Becker’s Hospital Review | August 12, 2019

Though hospitals may spend weeks and months mulling over the decision to deploy a new health IT measure, they often rush through the actual execution, to disastrous effect.

In a recent article, the American Medical Association describes three often overlooked but important steps that must be taken to ensure success when launching a new digital health solution.

1. Plan your presentation to decision-makers: New technology can be a hard sell, so the pitch you make to leadership must be as clear and results-oriented as possible. Be clear not only about the potential business value of the tech, but also about the resources and funding that will be needed for deployment.

2. Choose a vendor that will be a long-term partner: When assessing potential vendors, look past their sales pitches and ability to execute. The best vendor, per the AMA, is a long-term partner who will advocate for and support you throughout the entire implementation process.

3. Add extra metrics to the vendor contract: While the contract should certainly include financial expectations, just as important are guidelines for a successful and ongoing partnership. Consider including a detailed plan for future scaling of the program and “clear and measurable definitions of success,” among other, more subjective terms, the AMA suggests.

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