A Journey of Discovery, Transformation, and Newfound Opportunities in North Carolina

by Keith Duprey

My family made a very intentional move to North Carolina a few years ago to improve the quality of our lives – be outdoors more, be closer to family, and benefit from world-class institutions. It was also at this time that I made a heartfelt commitment to my family to help make North Carolina the most progressive, inclusive, and healthy state for my son to grow up in.

So when I decided to transition my career from primarily a B2C consumer marketing career in Atlanta, GA to the healthcare industry in North Carolina, I could not have made a better choice than to join Michael Levy and Lee Phillips on their similar journey to transform healthcare through the Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT).

Over the last 2 1/2 years, my personal and professional growth in understanding life sciences and healthcare has primarily been through the immersive learning environment that DHIT provided through our daily work and the unstoppable, incredible vision of Michael Levy – a true healthcare futurist.

It was these real-world discussions, projects, and innovative frameworks that built my understanding of our current healthcare systems as well as what the future could look like. These learning experiences also allowed me to build healthcare vernacular and understand the complicated and dynamic ecosystem of healthcare key stakeholders, from providers to entrepreneurs to STEM students in grade school. I now have the skills, capabilities, and mindset needed to help lead North Carolina towards a healthier future. I have also learned that North Carolina has a distinct and unique value proposition for healthcare and innovation to share with the world!

I have been proud and excited every day to work alongside our brilliant and dedicated teams at DHIT. Together we have made incredible progress in engaging key stakeholders through:

  • Monthly digital health happy hours bringing together like-minded people to share stories and excitement
  • Weekly DHIT Digest newsletters to engage and provoke action
  • Market expansion across North Carolina and globally to open talent and technology conduits
  • Strategic partnerships with globally recognized academic medical centers, health systems, universities, research organizations, entrepreneurs, and innovative payers
  • White papers providing thought leadership and valuable perspectives
  • Annual Summits convening the best and brightest minds on topics and workshops addressing topics around community health, healthcare engagement, precision health, digital transformation, commercialism, research, and quality improvement

And it is with this full heart that I share the news that I am shifting my role from VP of Strategic Partnerships and Market Development, and interim Executive Director, to that of DHIT Ambassador. In this capacity, I will continue to support Michael and his team through introductions and sharing my enthusiasm for DHIT as they continue building out critical programs addressing education, research, and policy towards improving the health of all North Carolinians using both local and global resources.

My sincere hope is that each of you reflects on the incredible value each of you has gotten from DHIT and supports our continued efforts through sponsorship, program membership, grant funding, and charitable donations. Reach out today to learn how to support DHIT’s growth and impact.

So until the next Digital Health Happy Hour or other circumstance to gather, I want to thank each of you for your acceptance and belief of me as a part of the dynamic DHIT team; and your support of my continued efforts to make North Carolina the best state for all children and families to live, work, learn, play, and heal.

(l to r: Lee Phillips, Michael Levy, Keith Duprey, DHIT Summit 2018)