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How do academic institutions create the healthcare workforce of the future, equipped with the technologies and tools that digital health has to offer? In this episode, listen to Todd Telemeco talk about some of the unmet healthcare needs in rural North Carolina, how the University of North Carolina at Pembroke is establishing a regional healthcare workforce to address them, and how digital health will transform educational programs.

Michael Levy, President and Co-founder of DHIT, shares time with Dr. Michael Ruhlen, VP of the Division of Medical Education at Atrium Health & Director of the Charlotte Area Health Education Center. Through his vast experience in immersive technology, Mike sees a future where virtual and augmented reality will be game changers — even in the treatment of obesity.

Michael Levy, President and Co-founder of Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT), talks one-on-one with Anika Gardenhire to unearth what drives her and the appeal of her personal motto, “the ripple effect.” We’ll discover how Anika’s career path evolved from a registered nurse into her current role as Assistant Vice President for Digital Transformation at Intermountain Healthcare. Anika reveals her vision for the future of healthcare, and we’ll see that it is based on understanding the profound power of a caring nurse reaching out and simply holding a patient’s hand.

On the surface, Yonnie Butler had it all: an impressive resume of positions in leadership and accomplishments from some of the most elite universities in the country. He saw a future with similar opportunities just waiting at his doorstep. But Yonnie took a surprisingly different route and headed to his rural hometown instead. Michael Levy, President and Co-founder of Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT), sits down with Yonnie Butler, Executive Director for Alamance Community College’s Biotechnology Center of Excellence to discover the “why” behind his shifting path and uncovers some surprising – and truly impressive – achievements and initiatives that just might change the future of higher education in healthcare.

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