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This workshop, presented by the Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP) at UNC-Chapel Hill, provides a high-level introduction to the FHIR standard used to capture, integrate, and exchange clinical data for research and application development. The NIH and other organizations that deal with this data increasingly recommend the use of FHIR as a standardized and reliable way to structure and transfer data. As this increasingly becomes the best practice and the gold standard, what do organizations need to know? And how do they integrate FHIR into their apps and processes? Come learn about how FHIR is advancing efforts to improve interoperability of healthcare applications, and get some hands-on experience using Python and JavaScript to interact with some sample FHIR APIs.
Hour 1:
  • Introduction to FHIR: Basic history and motivation, interoperability and standards, basic properties of the markup
  • Accessing our demo development environments: Jupyter Notebooks and jsFiddle
Hour 2:
  • Interacting with FHIR using Python in Jupyter Notebooks
  • Demonstration of a Python Flask API for handling FHIR operations
Hour 3:
  • Interacting with FHIR using the SMART on FHIR JavaScript library
  • Demonstrating a simple mobile App built with Cordova