Drive the new HUG initiative in North Carolina.

The Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT), a nonprofit education and research institute, and Tanjo Inc., an award-winning machine learning (ML) company, are launching a new initiative in 2020 that will impact healthcare outcomes for underserved populations in North Carolina.

The DHIT-Tanjo partnership will drive the newly announced Community Health Utility Grid (HUG) Initiative—an immersive innovation and transformation platform that will collect, analyze, and share real-world data at an individual, household, and community level, delivering actionable insights to drive preventative healthcare and improve public health. University of North Carolina-Pembroke’s School of Nursing faculty and staff will provide critical on-the-ground support and community engagement.

The Community HUG Initiative is underpinned by Tanjo’s expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and ML solutions, resulting in the optimized harnessing of data to learn and improve health outcomes. Tanjo improves and automates the “discoverability” of organizational knowledge by fostering partnership between humans and machines.

“This exciting new partnership with Tanjo—and the overall Community HUG initiative—will enable us to harness next generation machine learning capabilities to deliver real-world impact and value for our underserved communities in relation to their health and care,” said Michael Levy, president, DHIT.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to collaborate with DHIT and its member companies and organizations to drive critical advancements in healthcare for traditionally underserved populations in North Carolina,” commented Richard Boyd, CEO, Tanjo.