Do Virtual Simulations Prepare For Medical Realities?


The Medical Futurist | September 7, 2019 How do you study organs and complex living structures in two dimensions? It’s like trying to piece together life on the planet in the age of the dinosaurs from fossils – almost impossible. So why do medical schools require students to learn the [...]

Do Virtual Simulations Prepare For Medical Realities?2019-09-09T04:43:26-04:00

Top Takeaways from AWE 2019


By Don Shin, CEO, CrossComm | July 26, 2019 I recently attended the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara with CrossComm’s Senior AR/VR Developer, Mike Harris. This was our 3rd year going. After attending this year, we captured our thoughts, discoveries, and predictions in the below conversation. In it, [...]

Top Takeaways from AWE 20192019-07-31T09:10:17-04:00